COVID-19 in Mexico: the numbers.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

  • Mexico reaches more than 15,000 cases of COVID-19. Daily reported infections and deaths have increased, yet without breaking new records.

These are the numbers of coronavirus in the country.

April 27 2020

In brief:

  • The three states with the largest number of cases are Mexico City (4,152), State of Mexico (2,455) and Baja California (1,301).

1. The curve of infections and deaths

What does this mean?

  • During phase 2, declared on March 24, there were 9,096 new cases and 852 new deaths.

  • On April 27, there have not been new records of daily new infections and deaths.

2. Daily cases and deaths

What does this mean?

  • April 24 has been the worst day regarding new infections. 1,239 new cases were reported on this day.

  • The day with the highest number of deaths was also April 24, with 152 in total.

  • Since the epidemic of COVID-19 stated in Mexico, there have been 258.76 daily cases and 23.9 daily deaths on average.

  • During phase 3 of the epidemic in Mexico, declared on April 21, either new records of daily cases or new infections higher than those of the second phase have been registered.

3. Active cases

Active cases are infections which symptoms have started in the past 14 days, José Luis Alomía, General Director of Epidemiology, explained in the daily conference of COVID-19 in Mexico on April 20.

What does this mean?

  • 33.25% of the total confirmed cases are active cases.

4. Cases per sex

What does this mean?

  • Simply, more males have been infected.

5. Which are the age groups with the highest numbers of contagions?

The ranking of the four most infected age groups:

  1. 40-49 = 3,711 cases.

  2. 30-39 = 3,357 cases.

  3. 50-59 = 3,199 cases.

  4. 60-69 = 1,916 cases.

6. Compared with other countries, how is Mexico doing?

For this comparison, the day 1 of each country was considered when the first case of coronavirus was confirmed. These are the results:

  • On the day 60 of infections, the United States surpassed Mexico in total cases. The curves of Italy, Spain and Brazil had already been higher on previous days.


Creation and reporting

Ian Cavazos

Data programming

Raphael Eißler

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